Dent To Binance Coin Conversion

Dent To Binance Coin Conversion

how to sell dent coin

Dent depends on these key elements and a consumer base, needing a large one to sustain enough traffic to function. A large number of users and buyers means that telecommunications companies and sellers will be more likely to join the platform. Dent Wireless is an interesting project based on blockchain buy dent coin technology that enables you to buy, share, and sell mobile data packages via Dent coin. Dent is an ERC-20 token – it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that Dent coins are implemented as smart contracts. But where to buy Dent coin is still a question we need to answer.

how to sell dent coin

MANA, the speculative currency used in leading blockchain-based online world Decentraland, surged 36% to $4.90. Land and other items on Decentraland are sold in the form of non-fungible tokens . Unfortunately, there is no direct way to obtain Dent tokens with USD. You can purchase Tether or Ether with USD on Binance and exchange your purchased tokens for Dent. If not, then you will have to purchase BTC on the platform using your debit card or credit card. Some other cryptocurrency trading platforms of repute include KuCoin, HitBTC and WazirX.

How To Sell Dent

The project is an entirely whole ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain that plans to create a mobile phone and smartphone user community. The developers of the project pursue this goal so that in the future, they can influence the providers of mobile services to obtain better conditions than they currently have. Users need either a web or a mobile application to access the Dent market of mobile data services. Benzinga crafted a specific methodology to rank cryptocurrency exchanges and tools.

  • Arguably the exchange of the future, with great leadership, rock-bottom fees, and leveraged trading up to 101x on offer.
  • Find an exchange to buy, sell and trade DENT by comparing deposit methods, supported fiat currencies and fees.
  • The intrinsic and market value often doesn’t coincide as DENT price is subject to frequent changes and may experience dramatic spikes and dips within a short timeframe.
  • Since DENT is an ERC-20 token, any ERC-20 compatible wallet will do, but here we’ll show you some of the best.
  • If you choose to use Uniswap to invest in Dent, you’ll need to download an Ethereum wallet on your computer.
  • Basically, I could try to sell the data to people individually with dent teams at a lower than normal price.

Ledger wallets support the storage and sending of Dent as well as many other cryptocurrencies- you can see a full list here. To do this they encrypt the private keys to your cryptocurrency wallets so no-one- not even you- can know them. That way only someone with physical access to your hardware wallet- and who also knows its password- has a chance to access and move your coins.

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According to Cisco, the global mobile traffic was worth over $32 billion in 2017 and growing. No matter which data package you buy, it expires in a month or two. Meanwhile, most users end up either underusing or overusing their data plans. It empowers smartphone users to sell, buy, and donate their excess mobile data just like any other commodity. DENT Exchange has a web and a mobile version that enables users to access the DENT market. Web and mobile apps allow users to place orders, view the order book, and get access to price history, market depth, and other vital data and features.

Coinbase Wallet is free to download, and it has unique features that allow you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. It’s estimated that $4.8 billion of mobile data goes unused on a monthly basis, and Dent believes it can offer this unused data to those who need extra bandwidth. In the past few months, Dent tokens have appreciated well over 1,000% in value, generating new interest among cryptocurrency investors. Here’s your chance, I had a ton of rewards within the app from referrals and from the earn tab in the app . Problem is they are sitting in the dent app and can only be used within the dent ecosystem. If you are a wholesale buyer let me know if you are interested in buying my account. The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges listing Dent are Binance, Kucoin, and FTX.

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Dent is hosted on the Ethereum network and Ethereum-based smart contracts, thus being secured by the blockchain. Ethereum currently uses Proof of Work for security purposes, while the network will transition to Proof of Stake with the finalization of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. The number of DENT coins in circulation multiplied by the current market price of Dent equals the market cap. The market cap ranks DENT in comparison with its crypto peers and also defines its market share and dominance. The market cap changes with the changing price and the fluctuating number of coins in circulation.

how to sell dent coin

If you trade on Binance, you’ll only have to pay a small transaction fee for using Binance’s exchange. Since USDT is a stablecoin equal to $1, it’s essentially the same as selling your investment for cash. Decentralized Finance tokens have skyrocketed in value over the past few months. Older projects, however, haven’t received the same love from investors.

Dent Volume By Exchange

As an ERC-20 token, DENT can be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum and the type of wallet you choose will likely depend on what you want to use it for and how much you need to store. Proof of Stake has proven to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective than traditional consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Work. The information on this page is strictly meant for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be taken as investment advice.

how to sell dent coin

The intrinsic and market value often doesn’t coincide as DENT price is subject to frequent changes and may experience dramatic spikes and dips within a short timeframe. DENT can be traded in the market of cryptocurrencies for a profit based on the difference between the buying and selling prices. Binance is the exchange to use if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and supports all the most popular cryptocurrencies. It makes buying, selling, and trading simple and even the most novice users will enjoy the pleasant user interface Binance has to offer. BRD is a mobile wallet that offers the ability to create various types of cryptocurrency wallets including one that supports Dent. KuCoinis a well-known name in the industry, and one of the most competitive in the sector when it comes to fees and trading costs.

One More Step

Follow him on LinkedIn to stay up to date on his latest work on blockchain, decentralization and crypto investments. Worldwide data and calling plans could also be of great value to frequent travelers, so the platform’s potential is certainly there. If it catches on, Dent Coin will surely skyrocket, and several price prediction algorithms estimate it will, at least in the long run. In other words, the combined value of the tokens in all your wallets. Find ETH in your assets list and click the “Deposit” button.

A crypto-trading hamster is outperforming the S&P 500 – Markets Insider

A crypto-trading hamster is outperforming the S&P 500.

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Dent Platform is built on Ethereum blockchain and has a native token ERC-20 token DENT. The mobile data packages come in the form of smart contracts. DENT mobile app is already available for iOS and Android mobile devices and has over 7 million users worldwide. DENT is the utility token of the Dent network and it is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum smart contracts execute all DENT transfers made on the Dent blockchain. DENT is the main payment method on the network and is used to pay and get paid for mobile data services. All transfers and transactions depend on Ethereum smart contracts where transfers are executed in order of market activities.

On this page, your Binance ETH wallet address will appear on the right. Here you can copy the address to the clipboard or scan the QR code shown there. Now that you have your Binance account all setup, you need to deposit the funds you’ll use to buy Siacoin. To do that, you have to transfer Ether from your wallet to your Binance ETH wallet. Push Transaction Transfer an asset at a given price to another account using Push functionality, a peer-to-peer sell/buy operation.

The token has been listed on most key exchanges since 2018, such as HitBTC, OKEx, KuCoin, and Binance. The latest listings of 2021 include CoinEx,, As Dent price becomes more attractive than the conventional mobile industry prices, more users flock to Dent. Currently, the blockchain has 26 million participants around the world.

Bitcoin Miners Dumping Half A Million BTC Couldn’t Dent Bull Rally – Bitcoinist

Bitcoin Miners Dumping Half A Million BTC Couldn’t Dent Bull Rally.

Posted: Tue, 06 Apr 2021 15:50:44 GMT [source]

Learn how to buy Dent easily by following a step-by-step guide and compare 10+ crypto exchanges. TELCOIN – An Ethereum-based cryptocurrency for telecom operators. Tero Katajainen is the company’s CEO and the mastermind behind all tech at DENT. Previously, he co-founded multiple Internet startups and also holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Mikko Linnamaki is a serial entrepreneur and a co-founder of DOVECOT. Andreas Vollmer has over 12 years experience in mobile app development.

Where And How To Buy Dent

The more users DENT has, the more lucrative its platform is for the service providers. Besides, every telco participating in the DENT market gets a chance to deal with competitors customers directly.

  • Today, around half of the world’s population has restricted access to mobile services because of the high prices traditional mobile carriers offer.
  • is an independent comparison platform and information service that aims to provide you with the tools you need to make better decisions.
  • He served as a senior Java/Android consultant for the UN in 2015.
  • We may receive compensation from our partners for placement of their products or services.
  • With Dent, users can take advantage of roaming-free calls, reduced costs for mobile data plans, and much more.

30% of all DENT tokens remain at the company for strategic acquisitions and market seeding, user incentives, salaries and bonuses. The remaining 70% of the token supply was released during pre-sale and sale events, and any outstanding tokens were locked up and released quarterly after that. Like if my account is worth $5000 in dent coins, I might sell it to someone for $1000 and then they sell the data to others with dent teams and could make $4000 if they took the time. DENT developers felt a need to liberate mobile data by allowing users to purchase, monetize, and spend their data as they please.

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